Thursday, December 15, 2005

Getting to the Quarter Pole

It has been a while since our last post, mainly because the day-to-day routine has already been described and does not bear repeating. The interaction with our Vietnamese hosts is pleasant though limited. We do have a friend whose house we have visited but between his busy schedule and ours, there is not much time to get together. We have resolved to see him and his family in the New Year. Mr. Huy arrives faithfully on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and slogs through Ira's lesson with a lot of interaction about culture, food and the music scene. The bell staff, the hotel staff and the people at the Fitness Centre are very engaging and a good proving ground for whatever language skills Ira may be developing.

Carol's job is quite demanding, both in terms of time and energy while Ira has stopped working for the wine importers and is seeking something that will use more of his skills while not taking up all of his time.

Today marks the final day of classes during the 2005 portion of the academic year and we look forward to a bit of vacation. We leave tomorrow night for Singapore, Yogyakarta, the arts center of Java and Bali, before returning to spend some time off here in Hanoi so that we may actually visit monuments and museums and catch up on everything.

We appreciate all the emails and Skype calls that have kept us updated on everyone back in the US and will be in touch when we return on 27 December.