Friday, May 05, 2006

Epic Proportions

Ira has a new job! Lawyer and Business Consultant for a company known as EPIC(Economic Based Professional Investment and Counseling). This is a Vietnamese company specializing in investments in Vietnam, a rapidly growing field. Ira was speaking to two of their people at an AmCham function and a meeting was arranged. After a rather lengthy period of time, he was invited to lunch with the head of the company and the offer came shortly afterwards. His duties are rather varied, from helping with editing of English text for report and the website to the writing of articles for an economic journal, to dealing with the new Investment Law. The staff is quite friendly and helpful and he has a nice desk and computer in an office shared with the IT specialist, Mrs. Hang. This is particularly helpful as his technical knowledge is less than perfect. On his first day, he attended a meeting held totally in Vietnamese. They speak quite rapidly and comprehension is not 100%. After the others had spoken, Mr. Hung, the director of EPIC, asked Ira to comment and give his suggestions! That's only part of Day One. Ms Thuy, the Director of Communications, asked him to provide a 1000-1500 word article(in English at least) on due diligence. Of course, she needed it yesterday, but would settle for the next afternoon. Is this what happens in a developing nation? EPIC is a very professional company with a website at for your enjoyment and education. Ira's business cards are also very professional and, like the baseball cards of his use, fun to trade! EPIC is seeking foreign investors so if any of you are thinking of diversifying into an emerging economy with real estate, shopping centers and power plants just waiting to hit the market, you can email Ira for details. The above does not constitute an offer which can only be made by formal prospectus(Where is the tiny print for that announcement? It is so much fun working with the people at EPIC. They need and ask for help with their English and, in turn help with Ira's Vietnamese. Of course, much of the help consists of their speaking VERY quickly and replying to his efforts with "khong hieu"(I don't understand). It's not total immersion but the next best thing.


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