Sunday, May 28, 2006

Not Yet

The Vietnamese people we have met seem, on the whole quite cheerful and friendly. They are helpful when Ira tries to speak the language and so far we have not encountered anyone who resents us as Americans or as Westerners with more money than most of them have.

Perhaps one word that evidences this cheerful attitude is "chu'a" which means "not yet." Whether it is a woman being asked whether she has a husband or boyfriend, a person being asked if he or she has a job or someone being asked whether or not they have had lunch, if the response is in the negative it is never "khong"(No) but always "chu'a"

Ira has now vowed to use this expression more. When he is asked whether or not he has accomplished some task or if he has fulfilled a mojor goal or if he knows the meaning of life, his answer will always be "chu'a"


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